What actions can we each take to stop this course of action in its tracks and get to gender equality FASTER?

By Vrinda Gupta, Founder & CEO, Sequin

At Sequin, we were stunned by the findings of Equality Can’t Wait: that gender equality is 208 years away. If you haven’t seen the star-studded video starring Melinda Gates and some of our favorite comedians, check it out here. Re-watching it two years later, and amidst a pandemic that has disproportionately affected women, is a stark and somber reminder that we are unlikely to see the type of gender equality we are all working for in our lifetimes — unless something changes.

Here at Sequin Headquarters, we have been studying the many threats…

Is it a credit card’s job to teach you about credit? At Sequin, we believe it is.

By Vrinda Gupta, Founder & CEO, Sequin

Over the past few months, our team has been heads down, talking to women about their experiences with credit. We asked: what do you want to see from a credit card designed for you?

What we heard was a strong desire to understand how credit works. And not in the oversimplified way that women are frequently spoken to about finances. Women want context, nuance, and transparency. …

By Sequin HQ

Without a solid financial education, a knowledge gap disadvantages women in equitable access to credit across our lifetimes. To close that gap, Sequin is talking money, woman to woman.

Credit is essential to realize our life goals — like getting cars and homes, starting businesses and families, going back to school and running for public office. As we do. But without trustworthy knowhow to build credit, women default to debit cards or become secondary authorized users. So even when we spend money, banks don’t see us. Financially, we’re invisible.

When we do manage to get credit, it…

By Sequin HQ

There are plenty of credit card blogs out there — consider this your single source of (simple) truth. Here are the top 10 actions you need to take to keep building better credit, curated by the credit experts at Sequin.

Before diving into our credit tips, check out our credit myth busters quiz to test your credit knowledge!

  1. Get credit visible: have a credit card in your own name. Many women find out that they are “credit invisible” — meaning they do not have a credit history or credit score — when they go to take out…


Let’s talk credit, woman to woman. Developed by the credit experts at Sequin. Join us at www.sequincard.com.

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